In researching target companies, our staff will identify a list of target organizations as recruiting resources based on the important criteria to the job specification. Depending on the complexity of the assignment these could be local, regional or national organizations. The compiled list will include direct competitors in addition to other organizations currently employing potential candidates. The document becomes a guide to our search efforts and eliminates total dependency on third party referrals, putting The Carlson Research Group professionals in direct contact with potential candidates and applicants.

Utilizing this targeted list, The Carlson Research Group professionals will contact potential candidates to determine their qualifications and interest. Telephone screening will take place to clarify the candidates' current job responsibilities, as well as career objectives, educational background and complete compensation history and requirements. Résumés of qualified candidates, along with their background information are then forwarded to the client for review.

At this point, The Carlson Research Group arranges a status review meeting to discuss candidates' background and determine potential interviews. Based on preference, these interviews can be conducted by The Carlson Research Group or by a representative of the hiring company. Once a mutual interest is demonstrated between the company and any candidates presented, we will conduct reference checking to support the candidacy of each individual. When a final candidate is selected, we will serve as an intermediary between the hiring company and the candidate to ensure the offer will be accepted.